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  • Understanding Climate Change as a National Security Concern
    Avino Niphi   ·    30 Jun, 2019   ·    5596
    The scientific community has unequivocally confirmed the alarming severity of climate change impacts arising from excessive anthropogenic influence. Over the years, the frequency of extreme weather conditions has been observed to have a ...
  • Alternative Development and Manipur's 'War on Drugs': Need for a Broader Framework
    Anjali Gupta   ·    31 Jan, 2019   ·    5552
    In Manipur, the cultivation of illicit crops such as cannabis and opium has remained a major source of income, especially for low-income agrarian groups. After announcing a ‘War on Drugs’,  incumbent Chief Minister, N Biren Singh ...
  • Countering Left Wing Extremism: Need to Look Beyond Numbers
    Rajat Kumar Kujur   ·    10 Jan, 2019   ·    5543
    It has been over 50 years, and the Maoist movement in India is still not showing signs of withdrawing or weakening. Undeniably, at present, the movement is hard pressed by new challenges and it no longer inspires the buoyant optimism it ...
  • India's National Security Strategy: The Importance of Integrating Climate Change
    Kapil Narula   ·    19 Nov, 2015   ·    4935
    Climate change is a pressing concern which requires urgent action. With less than a fortnight left for the start of the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chan ...
  • The Islamic State: Affecting Shia-Sunni Relations in India?
    Saneya Arif   ·    03 Sep, 2014   ·    4640
    The unilateral establishment of the Islamic State (IS) and a ‘Caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria, and its atrocious activities has intensified the debate on the issue of Shia-Sunni strife. The jihadist group, in its self-proclaimed ...
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