• Regional Economy
    India's Trade Options

    Amita Batra.    ·   28 Sep, 2017    ·    #5370    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The Indo-Pacific economic space continues to be open to reconfiguration, triggered as it has been by the US withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) earlier this year. There have since been many conjectures on how the region may see a Ch ...
  • Special Commentary
    Weapons in Space: Conventional War in the Cosmos?

    Allyson Rimmer.    ·   26 Sep, 2017    ·    #5369    ·    Commentary    
    Outer space has been called the last frontier, but could it become the battleground of the future? Warfare in space seems difficult to imagine outside works of science fiction, but the concept and advantages of weapons in space have been under seri ...
  • IPCS Discussion
    The People Next Door: The Curious History of India's Relations With Pakistan

    Report.    ·   25 Sep, 2017    ·    #5368    ·    Commentary    
    Report on 'The People Next Door: The Curious History of India's Relations With Pakistan', a book reading and discussion held on 14th September 2017. The interaction was chaired by Ambassador (Retd) Salman Haidar, Patron, IPCS, and fo ...
  • A Looming Nuclear Arms Race In East Asia?
    Nopur Siingh.    ·   21 Sep, 2017    ·    #5367    ·    Commentary    
    The current East Asian security dynamics have two determinants. The first is the challenge posed by North Korea’s aggressive nuclear and missile development programmes coupled with direct threats to the US, and the second is the rise of China as ...
  • India-Japan Civil Nuclear Cooperation: Contextualising Abe's Visit
    Shivani Singh.    ·   21 Sep, 2017    ·    #5366    ·    Commentary    
    The strong Indo-Japan bilateral relationship is a testament to the growing economic, cultural and strategic exchanges that both countries have shared in the past and this dynamic has continued to flourish under the regimes of PM Narendra Modi and S ...
  • Russia-Turkey: Implications of the New Arms Deal
    Monish Gulati.    ·   21 Sep, 2017    ·    #5365    ·    Commentary    
    Recently, Turkey signed an agreement with Russia to purchase the S-400 Triumf air defence system. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan told the Turkish media that Ankara has put down a deposit of US$2.5 billion on the sale after it found ...
  • Strategic Space
    The Bomb Banned: By and For the NNWS, For Now

    Manpreet Sethi.    ·   18 Sep, 2017    ·    #5364    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    As the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), popularly referred to as the Ban Treaty, opens for signature on 20 September 2017, it is most likely that it will garner the 50 endorsements that are necessary for its entry into force. Afte ...
  • In Context: NA-120 Lahore By-election
    Sarral Sharma.    ·   15 Sep, 2017    ·    #5363    ·    Commentary    
    The by-election for Lahore's National Assembly constituency (NA)-120 - previously NA-95 - seat will take place on 17 September. The seat fell vacant after the disqualification of Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's on 28 July follo ...
  • IPCS Discussion
    Tibetan Caravans: Journeys from Leh to Lhasa

    Report.    ·   15 Sep, 2017    ·    #5362    ·    Commentary    
    Report on 'Tibetan Caravans: Journeys from Leh to Lhasa', a book reading and discussion held on 30 August 2017. The discussion was chaired by Amb (Retd) Salman Haidar, Patron, IPCS, and former Foreign Secretary of India. Talking about ...
  • IPCS Discussion
    Chinese Military Reform, 2013-2030

    Report.    ·   15 Sep, 2017    ·    #5361    ·    Commentary    
    Report of the discussion on Chinese Military Reform, 2013-2030, held on 23 August 2017. Opening Remarks by the Chair Col (Retd) Ajai Shukla Columnist, Business Standard The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has not fought any sizable war ...