• Human Rights Violations Vs AFSPA: A Contradiction That Must End
    AS Lamba    ·   31 Aug, 2018    ·    #5511    ·    Commentary    
    In an unprecedented move, 356 officers of India’s security forces across the country filed a writ petition on 14 August with the Supreme Court against handling, processing and disposing of cases alleging human rights violations against security ...
  • IPCS Discussion
    Interaction with Sichuan University's Institute of South Asian Studies

    IPCS    ·   30 Aug, 2018    ·    #5510    ·    Commentary    
    On 7 August 2018, IPCS hosted a visiting delegation from Sichuan University’s Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) for a discussion on contemporary developments in South Asia. The interaction was moderated by Amb (Retd) TCA Rangachari, Member...
  • J&K and the Vajpayee Doctrine's Continuing Relevance
    Ashok Bhan    ·   27 Aug, 2018    ·    #5509    ·    Commentary    
    Former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee famously announced in a 2003 public rally in Srinagar that issues could be resolved if guided by the principles of 'insaniyat', 'jamhooriyat', and 'Kashmiriyat'. This maxim, referred to as the 'Vajpay...
  • Strategic Space
    Nuclear Security: The Focus Must Not Flag

    Manpreet Sethi    ·   20 Aug, 2018    ·    #5508    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The last few weeks have witnessed the release of at least three reports (1, 2, 3) on nuclear security. This is a welcome development since the import of this subject has in no way diminished since the end of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)...
  • Maritime Matters
    Drones and Counter-Warfare

    Vijay Sakhuja    ·   20 Aug, 2018    ·    #5507    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The use of drones has proliferated into many facets of human activity. These range from delivering medical aid/medicines to inaccessible areas, search and rescue during disasters, firefighting, to even the fashion industry: they were recently used...
  • Identity and Violence: Media Coverage of the Recent Conflict in Sri Lanka (Part 2)
    Anjana Vencatesan    ·   16 Aug, 2018    ·    #5506    ·    Commentary    
    Part 1 of the two-part series on media and conflict in Sri Lanka examined the coverage by Sri Lanka-based English and Tamil language media of the February-March 2018 conflict that took place in Kandy and Digana areas. Part 2 examines the approach ...
  • Challenges to Securing India's Borders
    Tim Walpot    ·   13 Aug, 2018    ·    #5505    ·    Commentary    
    The pace of border security projects in India has accelerated over the past two years. A prime example of this has been the implementation of a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) pilot project along two 5.5 km and 5.3 km str...
  • East Asia Compass
    Trump, Kim, and Denuclearisation

    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra    ·   09 Aug, 2018    ·    #5504    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    Almost two months since the Singapore Summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a sense of disappointment seems to have been gradually building with respect to the possibility of North Korean denuclearisation. E...
  • 2018 Protests in Southern Iraq: Lessons for Iran’s Post-Conflict Strategy in Syria
    Pieter-jan Dockx    ·   06 Aug, 2018    ·    #5503    ·    Commentary    
    In July 2018, mass protests swept provincial capitals in Shia-majority southern Iraq, demanding improvements in the provision of public services like potable water and electricity. While protests for better services are common in southern Iraq, th...
  • Special Commentary
    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: Performance in the Provinces & Potential Challenges Ahead

    Sarral Sharma    ·   02 Aug, 2018    ·    #5502    ·    Commentary    
    Amid reports and allegations of election rigging and other irregularities by the opposition political parties, Pakistan's cricketer-turned-politician and Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, Imran Khan, emerged victorious in the h...