• Strategic Space
    ‘Gas Chamber’ Cities and Dangers Nuclear

    Manpreet Sethi.    ·   14 Nov, 2017    ·    #5390    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    Come November and the entire Indo-Gangetic plain running across the northern regions of Pakistan and India comes under a dirty grey haze. Major cities in these areas begin gasping for breath. A mix of a natural phenomenon and mindless human activit ...
  • East Asia Compass
    Trump's Visit to East Asia

    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra.    ·   07 Nov, 2017    ·    #5389    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    US President Donald Trump’s 12-day visit to five of the East Asian countries is quite ‘unprecedented’. But so are his style, posturing, statements and policies. Trump will meet not only the leaders of Japan, South Korea, China, Vi ...
  • China's Signaling Under President Xi Jinping
    Prashant Dikshit.    ·   06 Nov, 2017    ·    #5388    ·    Commentary    
    China's President Xi Jinping has now emerged supreme. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China consolidated his authority not just for five years but in, a certain view, for life. Normally, a reappointment of a head of state o ...
  • India-China Border Agreements: Political Negotiation Needed
    Amit Ranjan.    ·   06 Nov, 2017    ·    #5387    ·    Commentary    
    The border disputes between India and China have their roots in the colonial history of the geographical area. Whenever there is a stand-off on the border, historical records are (re) interpreted to express or refute claims territorial claims of re ...
  • Maritime Matters
    Short Sea Shipping in Bay of Bengal Takes Baby Steps

    Vijay Sakhuja.    ·   03 Nov, 2017    ·    #5386    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    Last week, a consignment of motor vehicles was shipped from Chennai Port in India to Mongla port in Bangladesh onboard a roll-on roll-off (RoRo) cum general cargo vessel. Ashok Leyland Limited chose to use the sea route which takes five days inste ...
  • Regional Economy
    19th Party Congress: Understanding the Economics in Xi’s Speech

    Amita Batra.    ·   30 Oct, 2017    ·    #5385    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    A big event this October was President Xi’s address to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). While marking his attainment of cult status, Xi’s speech, as widely reported, is also a definitive statement of China’ ...
  • J&K Focus
    J&K: Operation 'All Out' and Prospects for Winter

    Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain.    ·   26 Oct, 2017    ·    #5384    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The third quarter of 2017 in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has been characterised by the marked success of Operation All Out; a reduction in the quantum of violent incidents; and an overall stabilisation of the situation, which has permitted the gove ...
  • Will the US' Pressure on Pakistan Deliver Results?
    Sreejith S Nair.    ·   24 Oct, 2017    ·    #5383    ·    Commentary    
    The US-Pakistan relationship has been strained over the last six years. It  took an unyielding shift with the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy, which comprises four pillars and also touches upon Washington&r ...
  • Strategic Space
    Meaningful Disarmament, Not Unnecessary Distractions

    Manpreet Sethi.    ·   24 Oct, 2017    ·    #5382    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The annual General Debate of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly provides a good forum for countries to reflect on relevant developments in the past year and to spell out their priorities or vision of action for the next year. In performin ...
  • Maritime Matters
    Plastic Litter: The Challenge at Sea

    Vijay Sakhuja.    ·   10 Oct, 2017    ·    #5381    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    A number of innovations and initiatives that are shaping the oceans and seas can potentially help ensure that these water bodies remain environmentally and ecologically stable. These range from greener and efficient vessels propelled by solar and w ...