• Maritime Matters
    Game-changing Technologies for Future Naval Operations

    Vijay Sakhuja    ·   31 Mar, 2018    ·    #5455    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    Two new weapon technologies - Solid State Lasers (SSLs) and Electromagnetic Railgun (EMRG) - can augment ship defence against incoming missiles, high speed projectiles and unmanned vehicles/drones. Experts argue that if these are successfully depl...
  • From Bangladesh to Myanmar: Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees
    Angshuman Choudhury    ·   27 Mar, 2018    ·    #5454    ·    Commentary    
    23 March 2018 marks two months since the first wave of repatriation of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh was to begin through a bilateral agreement with Myanmar signed in November 2017.Since then, not a single refugee - of the 6,88,000 new arriv...
  • Has India Changed its Tibet Policy?
    Palden Sonam    ·   23 Mar, 2018    ·    #5453    ·    Commentary    
    Does the recent circular from the Prime Minister Modi government advising high functionaries and leaders to avoid a Tibetan event represent a change in India’s Tibet policy? The simple answer is no. The circular is more a tactic than a shift in ...
  • Bangladesh: Political Polarisation and Resurgence of Terrorism
    Krishna Kumar Saha    ·   22 Mar, 2018    ·    #5452    ·    Commentary    
    On 27 February 2018, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added ‘ISIS-Bangladesh’ to its sanctions list for global terrorism. Following months of denial from Dhaka about the presence of the Islamic State (IS) ...
  • Dateline Colombo
    Racism, Riots, and the Sri Lankan State

    Asanga Abeyagoonasekera    ·   19 Mar, 2018    ·    #5451    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    Only when fear and hatred is spread by extremists does serious reflection haunt a community. The teardrop-shaped island of Sri Lanka, a seeming paradise hanging off the Indian subcontinent, has been provoked yet again. Within a few hours arose...
  • China-India Relations: What is the Role of Third Parties?
    Siwei Liu    ·   16 Mar, 2018    ·    #5450    ·    Commentary    
    Despite the intensification of high-level interactions between China and India in recent years, the current situation can at best be described as complex and sensitive. The bilateral relationship is quite complicated by itself, and 'third-pa...
  • Decoding the Elections in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura
    Nasreen Habib    ·   15 Mar, 2018    ·    #5449    ·    Commentary    
    The recent assembly elections in the three Northeastern states, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura, made one thing crystal clear: the BJP's ability to strike smart alliances has turned things around in its favour. Its wins range from ousting the Le...
  • Part-II
    Subtle Shifts in Saudi Foreign Policy: Domestic and International Dimensions

    Pieter-jan Dockx    ·   13 Mar, 2018    ·    #5448    ·    Commentary    
    Part I of this two-part commentary on the shifts in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy weighed in on the changes in the Kingdom’s foreign policy and explained its regional implications, highlighting two trends. First it posited that Riyadh is in...
  • East Asia Compass
    South Korea's 'Moonshine' and a Trump-Kim Summit

    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra    ·   12 Mar, 2018    ·    #5447    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    In a major of turn of events, US President Donald Trump has announced direct talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The US and North Korea have been loggerheads for a long time on the issue of North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes. T...
  • The Strategist
    Quad: The Making of a Robust Entente?

    Vice Admiral Vijay Shankar    ·   12 Mar, 2018    ·    #5446    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The force planner’s primary task is to ensure that the military element of national power alongside economic and political elements supports national strategy. India had in 1950 defined national goals in the Preamble and Directive Principles...