East Asia Compass by Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra
  • Japan: Implications of Indiscriminate Assertiveness
    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra   ·    03 Feb, 2014   ·    4287
    Shinjo Abe’s unrelenting tough approach towards China is arguably the second most important development in recent years in East Asia after the growing military might of China. There is lots of support across the region for his polic ...
  • China, Japan, Korea and the US: Region at Crossroads
    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra   ·    06 Jan, 2014   ·    4235
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinjo Abe visited Yasukuni shrine on 26 December last year and the visit invited usual condemnations from China and South Korea. The US also reacted by saying it ‘disappointing’ and would lead to &lsqu ...
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