The Failed States Index (FSI) Report: A Critique
   ·   01 Nov, 2013   ·   145    ·    Special Report

 About the Debate...

In the recent years, there has been an increased focus at the global level on Failed and Failing States. Where does South Asia stand? How does the region perceive itself in terms of State failure and fragility? The Institute is attempting to capture the debate in South Asia, and also strengthen its research focus on State Failure and Fragility, from a regional perspective.

Prof. Delwar Hossain (Bangladesh), Salma Malik (Pakistan), Pramod Jaiswal (Nepal), Yelisha Sharma (Nepal), Kaushalya Ruwanthika Ariyathilaka (Sri Lanka), and PR Chari (India), make assessments of the various nuances with respect to the Failed States Index Report in their individual commentaries. Each year's Failed States Index analyzes how countries performed during the previous year. In the  ninth annual Failed States Index. The focus on FSI was on the indicators of risk and was based on the factors that diminish greater stability worldwide.

However, the focus of the critiqued report has laid emphasis on addressing the major contributing factors for state failure vis-à-vis their primary compulsions in the light of demonstrating their individual capacities and performances in contemporary time.


Roomana Hukil






The FSI Report: Is Bangladesh a Failing State?                                                                             

Delwar Hossain


Nepal: Failure of the Failed States Index                                                                                               

Pramod Jaiswal


The Failed State Index and South Asia: Revisiting the White Man’s Burden 6

Salma Malik


India and the Failed States Index 10

PR Chari


Nepal and the Failed States Index 11

Yelisha Sharma


Failed State Index Fails Sri Lanka 13

Kaushalya Ruwanthika Ariyathilaka


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