IPCS Discussion | Diplomacy and the Politics of Language
17 Mar, 2017   ·    Dr Soumita Basu, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Amb (Retd) TCA Rangachari

On 15 March 2017, IPCS hosted a panel discussion titled "Evolving Discourses of Security in International Politics | Diplomacy and the Politics of Language." The discussion was chaired by Amb (Retd) TCA Rangachari, Member, Governing Council, IPCS. The speakers on the panel, and the topics they spoke on were:

  1. Dr Soumita Basu | Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, South Asian University | 'Talking Gender at the UN Security Council'
  2. Dr Sanjeev Kumar | Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi | 'Deconstructing Anti-Islamic Discourses of International Security'

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