05 Feb, 2009   ·    Salma Malik & Mallika Joseph

About the Book

Co-authored by Mallika Joseph, Deputy Director, this slim volume attempts to introduce the subject of small arms proliferation in the over lapping areas of the two thresholds of the security discourse- state security, and human security. Issues pertaining to the increased use of explosives and illegal domestic production, which have not received the attention they merit, have been discussed at some length. The authors make out a case for regional cooperation to arrest further inflow of arms in the region from the neighbouring conflict zones.

The study aims to refocus non-traditional security challenges, particularly those arising from the proliferation of small arms, into the predominantly realist security debate in the South Asian region.

About the Editors
Mallika Joseph is Deputy Director at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. She  researches on various issues relating to South Asian security. In particular, she works on security sector reforms and has worked with the DFID on a study on Security Sector Reforms in Asia. In 2007 and in 2006, she was part of the DFID high-level technical team that offered consultancy for broad based SSR engagement in Guyana. Her areas of interests include security sector reforms, international terrorism, Left Extremism, improvised explosive devices, small arms and light weapons. She has also co-edited Reintroducing Human Security in South Asia, Consolidating Peace in Jammu and Kashmir, Terrorism and its repercussions on International Politics and Missing Boundaries: Refugees, Migrants, Stateless and Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia.

Salma Malik & Mallika Joseph

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