2018 Protests in Southern Iraq: Lessons for Iran’s Post-Conflict Strategy in Syria

06 Aug, 2018    ·   5503

Pieter-jan Dockx explores the relevance and significance of the socioeconomic aspect of the Hezbollah model for Iran's consolidation strategy in post-conflict Syria

Pieter-jan Dockx
Pieter-jan Dockx
Researcher, Centre for Internal and Regional Security (IReS)

In July 2018, mass protests swept provincial capitals in Shia-majority southern Iraq, demanding improvements in the provision of public services like potable water and electricity. While protests for better services are common in southern Iraq, the palpable anti-Iran sentiment witnessed during the recent demonstrations marked a noticeable shift from previous protests in the region. This antagonism towards Tehran is largely the result of the perceived association between the Iraqi political class that is held responsible for the said grievances, and Iran. Lessons can be drawn regarding vis-