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South Korea's 'Moonshine' and a Trump-Kim Summit

12 Mar, 2018    ·   5447

Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra reflects on the possibility of dialogue with North Korea and the kind of diplomacy it would require

In a major of turn of events, US President Donald Trump has announced direct talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The US and North Korea have been loggerheads for a long time on the issue of North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes. The leaders of both countries, after attempting to stare each other down through provocation in word and deed, are signalling their willingness to come to the negotiation table. The credit goes mostly to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who actively insisted that diplomacy must be given another chance.

After coming to power, Moon Jae-in sought space for diplomacy amidst the irresponsible behaviour displayed by the US and North Korea. The South Korean administration had to go through a phase in which the country did not play a substantial role in determining the security scenario on the Korean Peninsula. The shrill