Ushering Normalcy in Kashmir

11 Jan, 2018    ·   5419

Ayan Tewari highlights the need for addressing the socio-psychological needs of the youth to reduce future disruptions in the valley. 

Ayan Tewari
Ayan Tewari
Research Intern, Centre for Internal and Regional Security (IReS)
In 2017, Indian security forces (SFs) initiated a more focused approach to dealing with militants in Kashmir, resulting in the killing of 218 terrorists so far. Although these operations were hailed as a success, the high civilian deaths (218 militants: 37 civilians in 2017 compared to 165 militants: 14 civilians in 2016) however, have led to more resentment towards India and will almost certainly lead to further cycles of violence. To offset this, the government should intensify the carrot component of its carrot-and-stick approach particularly vis-