• 50 years of Independence : Strategic Review
       ·   04 Aug, 1997    ·    #4    ·    Commentary    
    The end of the Cold War has left India with a double strategic burden : the regional security matters have become more complex and international system is in a state of flux. There is a debate whether geo-economics rather than geo-politics...
  • 50 Years of Independence - A Strategic Review
    Lt. Gen. AM Vohra    ·   03 Aug, 2002    ·    #3    ·    Commentary    
    Strategically, in the political field, console.log(1); India visualised for itself a role of ensuring a freedom of action for developing nations by adopting a policy of non-alignment. It was determined not to get involved in power blocs and...
  • Gujral Doctrine Security Dimensions of the Gujral Doctrine
    Bhabani Sen Gupta    ·   02 Aug, 1997    ·    #2    ·    Commentary    
    The Gujral Doctrine aims at building a conflict-free cooperative South Asia and at the same time to build bridges of development cooperation with the neighbours of South Asia . Since one of its principal aims is to resolve conflicts...
  • The Post-Cold War Era: An Indian Perspective
       ·   01 Aug, 1997    ·    #1    ·    Commentary    
    Nuclearisation and Globalisation ... the post-Cold War era has spawned a dichotomy within the international system. While today, the global system has to reckon with unimpeded power and authority centred around one superpower of whic...