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Manpreet Sethi
Senior Fellow at CAPS
  • India-EU Partnership for Non-Proliferation: Challenges and Opportunities
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    20 Dec, 2017   ·    5409
    Despite being a strong economic entity of 28 major European countries, and India’s largest trading partner, the European Union (EU) does not figure prominently in India’s foreign policy conversation. The general perception of th ...
  • ‘Gas Chamber’ Cities and Dangers Nuclear
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    14 Nov, 2017   ·    5390
    Come November and the entire Indo-Gangetic plain running across the northern regions of Pakistan and India comes under a dirty grey haze. Major cities in these areas begin gasping for breath. A mix of a natural phenomenon and mindless hum ...
  • Meaningful Disarmament, Not Unnecessary Distractions
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    24 Oct, 2017   ·    5382
    The annual General Debate of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly provides a good forum for countries to reflect on relevant developments in the past year and to spell out their priorities or vision of action for the next year. In ...
  • The Bomb Banned: By and For the NNWS, For Now
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    18 Sep, 2017   ·    5364
    As the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), popularly referred to as the Ban Treaty, opens for signature on 20 September 2017, it is most likely that it will garner the 50 endorsements that are necessary for its entry into f ...
  • Stabilising Deterrence: Doctrines Score Over Numbers
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    22 Aug, 2017   ·    5342
    In answer to the criticism from non-nuclear weapon states on lack of movement towards nuclear disarmament by the nuclear weapon states, the latter often highlight the reductions in their stockpiles as one step showcasing their commitment ...
  • Chinese Responsibility on DPRK: No ‘Theory’, Immutable Reality
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    19 Jul, 2017   ·    5331
    Recent videos from North Korea - or Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) - show their Supreme Commander of the Army, Kim Jong-un, chuckling away as he watches his country’s missile launches. Indeed with the recent test o ...
  • New NPR: Can It Break New Ground?
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    16 May, 2017   ·    5285
    As was expected with the arrival of President Trump to the White House, he put all US foreign policy issues under review. He has also called for a new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that is likely to be announced in 2018. The last NPR was b ...
  • US-North Korea Military Swashbuckling and China's Role
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    19 Apr, 2017   ·    5273
    Temperatures are high all across India, but this is a normal seasonal phenomenon. Far more worrisome is the soaring of temperatures between the US, North Korea and China. The military swashbuckling currently under way between the US and N ...
  • Nuclear Ban Treaty Conference and Universal Nuclear Disarmament
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    20 Mar, 2017   ·    5247
    A nuclear weapons free world (NWFW) has been on the global agenda since 1945. Only, it has never been a global priority. In 2009, when the president of the militarily most powerful country talked about it in Prague, there was a brief upsu ...
  • Forecast 2017: Unclear Nuclear Pathways
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    27 Jan, 2017   ·    5225
    The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the US has just taken place. A lot of what happens in the nuclear domain in the coming 12 months will be dependent on the direction that is adopted by the new president as he settl ...
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