Rising Radicalism in Bangladesh
Various Authors
  • Assessing Bangladesh’s Ground Reality
    Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman   ·    18 Jul, 2016   ·    5084
    Walking down the streets of Gulshan and Mohakhali in the central business district of Dhaka, one can sense a curious mix of chaos and order. Various government offices, private and international donor agencies, conference centres, embassi ...
  • Terror Attacks in Dhaka: The Way Ahead for India
    Souvik Chatterji   ·    11 Jul, 2016   ·    5079
    On 1 July 2016, suspected Islamic State (IS) militants mounted an attack in Holey Artisan café in Gulshan, Dhaka. There are indications of Jamaat-e-Islami groups being involved in the alleged terror attack.The Bangladeshi securit ...
  • What is the Domestic Significance of the Holey Bakery Terror Attack?
    Ibtisam Ahmed   ·    08 Jul, 2016   ·    5073
    Bangladesh is facing a pivotal point of no return. The recent hostage crisis and siege at an uptown bakery/café in the Gulshan diplomatic zone of the capital Dhaka on 1 July has seen a fundamental shift in the way Islamic extremist ...
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