Regional Economy by Amita Batra
Amita Batra
Professor of Economics, Centre for South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • 19th Party Congress: Understanding the Economics in Xi’s Speech
    Amita Batra   ·    30 Oct, 2017   ·    5385
    A big event this October was President Xi’s address to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). While marking his attainment of cult status, Xi’s speech, as widely reported, is also a definitive statement of Ch ...
  • India's Trade Options
    Amita Batra   ·    28 Sep, 2017   ·    5370
    The Indo-Pacific economic space continues to be open to reconfiguration, triggered as it has been by the US withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) earlier this year. There have since been many conjectures on how the region ma ...
  • Pakistan’s Economy: Significance of MSCI Elevation and FTSE Inclusion
    Amita Batra   ·    20 Mar, 2017   ·    5248
    Two positive developments that have been announced and will see implementation in the coming week and in the month of May augur rather well for an economy that has for long shown below average economic performance and weak macroeconomic f ...
  • G20 Summit 2016: A Lost Opportunity?
    Amita Batra   ·    19 Sep, 2016   ·    5131
    The eleventh meeting of the Group of 20 countries (G20) was held in the city of Hangzhou in China, 4-5 September. This was the first ever meeting of the group in China and the second in Asia after the 2010 meeting in Seoul. The theme of t ...
  • GST: Facilitating India’s Domestic, Regional and Global Integration
    Amita Batra   ·    16 Aug, 2016   ·    5105
    After being first suggested by the Kelkar Task Force on indirect taxes over a decade ago, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now ready to see the light of day, thus marking a major step forward in indirect tax reform in India; and thereb ...
  • Brexit Consequences: Complexities and Uncertainties
    Amita Batra   ·    13 Jul, 2016   ·    5082
    Brexit, that is, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union was announced on the 23rd of June. The announcement led to an immediate and sharp decline in the value of the British Pound (GBP). The stock markets in Britain and a ...
  • Changing Regional Contours and Imperatives for India
    Amita Batra   ·    13 Jun, 2016   ·    5057
    That the centre of gravity of the global economy has shifted to Asia over the last decade and a half is known and accepted. China, India and some emerging market economies from Southeast/East Asia contributed significantly to this shift. ...
  • India and the APEC
    Amita Batra   ·    13 Feb, 2015   ·    4834
    The foreign ministers of Russia, China and India at the end of their deliberations in Beijing last week issued a comprehensive joint communiqué that included a recommendation for India’s inclusion in the Asia Pacific Economic C ...
  • IPCS Forecast: South Asian Regional Integration
    Amita Batra   ·    12 Jan, 2015   ·    4803
    In May 2014, when India made the unprecedented gesture of inviting the heads of all SAARC member-countries for the oath taking ceremony of its new Prime Minister, hopes were raised that a new beginning for regional cooperation in South As ...
  • South Asia: Rupee Regionalisation and Intra-regional Trade Enhancement
    Amita Batra   ·    23 Dec, 2014   ·    4784
    The year 2014 is likely to close with the Indian rupee among the best performing major emerging market currencies against the US dollar. The fall in rupee value over the year has been marginal even while some of the other emerging market ...
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