Countering Terrorism: Role of Intelligence and Investigative Agencies
   ·   01 Nov, 2010   ·   157    ·    Issue Brief

Intelligence agencies provide the most sensitive protective security shield for a country. They mostly operate in shadows, develop sources and penetrate the enemy to prise out information that could be vital for the very survival of a country. They have many successes, and the best among them have their share of failures. Sadly, the successes never get reported, to protect sources and ongoing operations, but their failures are always projected in the media to their detriment. Investigation, on the other hand is a process that takes place after an event, and therefore mostly a post mortem of the incident.

If the investigation has been professionally done, and the case vigorously prosecuted, the case ends in conviction, bringing laurels to the agency. But is this the only true picture? Are Intelligence agencies always at a disadvantage vis-à-vis Investigation agencies? Do Investigating agencies produce intelligence that can be used in operations prior to an event? Do Intelligence and Investigating agencies work closely, sharing vital information? Do Intelligence agencies across the world always share information that is vital for each other’s country? 

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