India and China: Towards a Competitive-Cooperative Relationship?
   ·   01 Aug, 2010   ·   153    ·    Issue Brief

One of the defining moments of the 21st century is the rise of China and the emergence of India, which, according to many analysts will possibly lead to a tectonic shift in the economic and strategic balance of power in the world from America and Europe to Asia. Some analysts estimate that if the two countries continue to grow at the rates they have grown in the past decade (India at 6-8 per cent and China at 10-12 per cent), China’s economy would be eight times bigger than India's in 30 years. China’s rise is faster, more spectacular, and managed deftly with a well-thought-out road map. It is not just the statistics that testifies to China’s rise, but Beijing has matched her achievements in economic development by positioning herself both economically and strategically in the world stage

China's "Peaceful Rise" and India's Piecemeal Response
Can India and China Work together?

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