Building Regional Stability in South Asia
   ·   01 May, 2010   ·   27    ·    Discussion Report

India and Pakistan have had a tumultuous relationship. The official dialogue that started between the two countries in 2004 came to a halt after the Mumbai attacks in 2008. Nevertheless, the Track II dialogue between the two countries has remained relatively vibrant and IPCS has played a very significant role in promoting this dialogue.  A recent dialogue, organized under IPCS’s Project, “Building Stability in South Asia” was held at Bangkok on 8-9 Feb 2010 and included opinion makers from both India and Pakistan. Various facets of the Indo-Pak relationship were discussed from Joint Cooperation against Terrorism, Cooperation in Afghanistan, Building Nuclear Stability, Resolving the J&K issue, to tackling the water issues.  At the end of the conference, a set of recommendations was suggested.

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