13 Sep, 2013   ·    D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari

This volume, sixth in the series, highlights two important aspects of a conflict situation – conflict alert and peace audit. The former aims to provide early warning regarding and impending conflict and its possible transformation, while the latter attempts to review the status of ceasefires and peace processes pursued by the respective countries. The programme on Armed Conflicts in South Asia (ACSA) at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) – supported by the SAARC Regional Office of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), New Delhi – focuses on these aspects.

The essays in the volume examine the major trends and causes of armed conflicts in the various South Asian nations. In addition, a special section on ‘Peace Audit’ reviews and evaluates specific peace processes undertaken by various countries, measures their successes and failures, and discusses the lessons that may be learnt from them.

The book will be of interest to scholars of politics, conflict research and studies, international relations and South Asian studies, besides academic institutions working on conflict situations and migration in South Asia. It will also be useful to national and international policy-makers, civil society organizations, military, para-military and intelligence agencies.


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Part I

Chapter 1
Introduction: Review of Armed Conflicts in South Asia in 2011
P.R. Chari
Chapter 2
Afghanistan in 2011
Mariam Safi
Chapter 3
FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2011
D. Suba Chandran
Chapter 4
Northeast India in 2011: Meandering Pathways of Peace, Reconciliation and Development
Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman
Chapter 5
Myanmar in 2011: Beginning of Change?
Bibhu Prasad Routray
Part II: Peace Audit

Chapter 6
Peace Audit: Between Armed Conflict and Positive Peace
D. Suba Chandran
Chapter 7
Towards ‘Positive Peace’ in Jammu and Kashmir
Ashok Bhan
Chapter 8
Peace Processes: Poor Success in Northeast India
Wasbir Hussain
Chapter 9
Conflicts in South Asia, 2011 – 12: The Case of Nepal
Nishchal N. Pandey
Chapter 10
Auditing Peace in Sri Lanka: In Search of Sustainable Peace
N. Manoharan

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D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari
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