14 Jul, 2013   ·    D Suba Chandran and J Jeganaathan (Eds.)

South Asia, as a region has been facing multiple security challenges from traditional conflicts between states – such as territorial disputes, cross-border terrorism and nuclear standoff, and non-traditional issues – including environmental degradation and energy crisis. The new challenges posed by environmental and energy issues – do not emanate from a single source or a particular country. There are multiple reasons – natural and man made, which have resulted in complicating the environmental and energy security issues. While some issues are global, and could be seen in other regions as well, other are peculiar to South Asia. In most of the South Asian countries, the energy sources are scattered across the borders and not a single country in this region has been able to fully harness it due to scarcity of technology and expertise, and lack of inter-state cooperation among themselves as well.

In order to address these non-traditional security issues particularly energy and environmental security concerns, the COSATT did a year-long study titled “Energy and Environmental Security in South Asia” aimed to reach a common understanding and foster regional cooperation. This book is about Energy and Environmental security of South Asia. This book is divided into two parts. Part – I of the book deals with country perspectives and part – II looks into specific issues and explores how South Asia could work together for regional cooperation on critical issues, especially water, energy and environment. The objective of the book is three-fold: to identify problems and issues concerning energy and environmental security of the region; to enhance common understanding of the issues at hand along with the emphasis on shared responsibility; and to provide concrete recommendations to respective governments on various issues pertaining to energy and environment.


1. Bangladesh: Mitigating Energy Insecurity and Environmental Vulnerability
Col. A K M Nazrul Islam

2. Bhutan: Behavioral Switch in an Age of Fragile Abundance
Tashi Choden

3. India: Building Energy and Environmental Linkages
Nitya Nanda

4. Nepal: Energy Woes and Environmental Concerns
Dr. Nishchal N. Pandey

5. Pakistan: Energy Insecurity and the Failure of Institutional Response
Arshad H Abbasi

6. Sri Lanka: Securing Energy and Environment in the post-conflict Era
Chaminda Hettiarachchi


7. Regional Approach: Water as Cooperation
Dr. D. Suba Chandran

8. Towards a Gas Corridor in South Asia: Overcoming the Challenges
Maj. Gen. ANM Muniruzzaman

9. Environmental Security and Regional Cooperation: What is Feasible?  
Col. P.K. Gautam

D Suba Chandran and J Jeganaathan (Eds.)
New Delhi: IPCS, 2011

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