28 Dec, 2010   ·    Edited by D. Suba Chandran, Tuli Sinha and Harnit Kaur Kang

Southeast Asia is region that has in the past two decades, ascended to an area of great strategic importance for India both in terms of the Asian geopolitical balance but also as a nucleus of regional and international commerce.India's Look East Policy which aims to foster deeper collaboration in a range of sectors with our Southeast Asian neighbors hopes to do so primarily through land based linkages with India's northeast.

This book focuses on both the hurdles as well as prospects for greater partnership with Southeast Asian region through India's northeast. It delves into issues of connectivity, free trade agreements, security implications, infrastructure, regional geopolitics etc.



India's Northeast and Southeast Asia: Opportunities and Challenges    
Amita Batra

India’s Northeast: The Super-highway to Southeast Asia? Linking a Region, Linking Economies
Wasbir Hussain

Connecting India’s Northeast With Southeast Asia: Security Implications                               
Bibhu Prasad Routray

India’s Northeast and Southeast Asia: Chinese Interests & Strategies   
Srikanth Kondapalli

Connecting the Neighbourhood: India, Bangladesh and the Problems of Regional Connectivity
Dr Smruti S Pattanaik

Tensions in the Rolling Hills: Burmese Population and Border Trade in Mizoram
Julien Levesque and Mirza Zulfiqur

Stilwell Road: An Unfinished Endeavour    
Tuli Sinha                                    

Myanmmar: India’s Bridge to Southeast Asia
Harnit Kang          


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Edited by D. Suba Chandran, Tuli Sinha and Harnit Kaur Kang
Samskriti Publishers

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