China: Mass Surveillance and Minority Regions
Date : 29 Nov, 2018     Time : 1530-1700 hrs

On 29 November 2018, IPCS hosted Dr Tenzin Tsultrim, Research Fellow, Tibet Policy Institute; Dr Mahesh Ranjan Debata, Director, UGC Area Studies, Centre for Inner Asian Studies, SIS, JNU; and Saikat Datta, South Asia Editor, Asia Times, for a panel discussion titled ‘China: Mass Surveillance and Minority Regions’. The interaction took place from 1530-1700 hrs in the IPCS Conference Room.


1530-1540 hrs | A Boiling Pot: Impact of CCP's Increasing Intrusive Surveillance in Tibet
Dr Tenzin Tsultrim | Research Fellow, Tibet Policy Institute

1540-1550 hrs
| Xinjiang: Mass Surveillance & the Logic of Re-Education Camps
Dr Mahesh Ranjan Debata | Director, UGC Area Studies, Centre for Inner Asian Studies, SIS, JNU

1550-1600 hrs
| The Future of Mass Surveillance in China
Saikat Datta | South Asia Editor, Asia Times

1600-1700 hrs
| Discussion


Dr Mahesh Ranjan Debata is Director, UGC Area Studies Programme, Centre for Inner Asian Studies, School of International Studies (SIS), (JNU). His research focuses on issues related to Xinjiang, China, and Central Asia. Dr Debata has authored China’s Minorities: Ethno-Religious Separatism in Xinjiang (Pentagon Press, 2007), and has edited Central Asia: Society, Security and Economy (Lambert, 2017). His peer-reviewed works have been published by KW Publishers, Routledge, Pentagon Press and China & Eurasia Quarterly. Previously he was a guest lecturer at Tianjin University and Jishou University in China.

Dr Tenzin Tsultrim
is Research Fellow, Tibet Policy Institute (TPI), Dharamsala, India. He holds a PhD in the history of India-China relations from the University of Madras and his research interests include India-China relations and developments in Tibet. His works have been published in the Tibet Policy Journal, Strategic Analysis Journal, Think India Quarterly Journal and World Focus Journal. Recently, he authored a chapter on internal developments in China and its impact on foreign policy in China's Foreign Relations and Security Dimensions (Routledge, 2018).  

Saikat Datta is South Asia Editor, Asia Times; Policy Director, Centre for Internet and Society; and Senior Fellow, Internet Democracy Project. Previously, he has been a defence correspondent, The Indian Express; assistant editor, Outlook; Resident Editor, DNA; Member, Editorial Board, Zee News; and editor (national security), Hindustan Times. He is a recipient of the International Press Institute Award (2007); the Jagan Phadnis Memorial Award (2008); and the National RTI Award (2010) for investigative journalism. He is also the co-author of India's Special Forces (VIJ Books, 2013), a book on the history and the future of India's special operations capabilities.