Interaction with Sichuan University's Institute of South Asian Studies
Date : 07 Aug, 2018     Time : 1430-1630 hrs

On 7 August 2018, IPCS hosted a visiting delegation from Sichuan University’s Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) for a discussion on contemporary developments in South Asia. The interaction was moderated by Amb (Retd) TCA Rangachari, Member, IPCS Governing Council, and featured the following speakers:

  1. Zeng Xiangyu | Associate Professor, ISAS, Sichuan University
  2. Liu Jiawei | Associate Professor, and Director, South Asia-West China Cooperation and Development Studies, Sichuan University
  3. Zhang Chunyan | Lecturer, College of Foreign Languages and Culture, Sichuan University

ISAS scholars accompanying the speakers included Wang Tengfei, Zhou Zhengxin and Liu Qian.