Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty: Addressing Normative Concerns

31 Aug, 2017    ·   5350

Shivani Singh considers the successes and failures of the recently adopted treaty

Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh
Researcher, Nuclear Security Programme (NSP)
Norms are considered a product of behaviour and expectations, thereby playing a vital role in international law and foreign policy. An example of such norm setting was witnessed in the recently adopted Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, 2017, seeking to reflect normative changes that have happened since the NPT was enacted in 1970. The intent of this new treaty is to set the ball rolling for future disarmament negotiations and suggest measures that can be undertaken to envisage a nuclear weapons free world, and the process from a normative point of view was marked both by successes and failures.

The treaty codifies the norms of disarmament into a legally binding instrument, hence indicating a shift towards a