Maritime Matters by Vijay Sakhuja
  • Search and Rescue at Sea: Challenges and Chinese Capabilities
    Vijay Sakhuja   ·    07 Apr, 2014   ·    4374
    The international search and rescue effort to locate the voice and data recorder referred as the ‘black box’, and debris of the Malaysian Airlines MH 370 have continued relentlessly for nearly four weeks now. The satellite dat ...
  • Increasing Maritime Competition: IORA, IONS, Milan and the Indian Ocean Networks
    Vijay Sakhuja   ·    03 Mar, 2014   ·    4320
    The Indian Ocean rim countries have establishment a number of multilateral maritime mechanisms to address non-traditional security threats and challenges confronting the region. The Indian Ocean Rim-Association of Regional Cooperation (IO ...
  • China in the Indian Ocean: Deep Sea Forays
    Vijay Sakhuja   ·    03 Feb, 2014   ·    4286
    China’s maritime ambitions are expanding and it is making forays into the deep seas beyond its waters. The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has drawn plans to build scientific research vessels and mother ships for submersibles. Fu ...
  • Iran Navy: Developing Long Sea Legs
    Vijay Sakhuja   ·    06 Jan, 2014   ·    4237
    Iran’s suspected nuclear weapon programme, the associated economic sanctions, hardliner Iranian lawmakers’ demand for uranium enrichment, and the inconclusive Geneva talks to urge Tehran to roll back its nuclear programme has ...
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