1974 Land Boundary Agreement
Various Authors
  • India-Bangladesh: Rehabilitating the Enclave Residents
    Saumitra Mohan   ·    23 Oct, 2015   ·    4927
    Since 1971, the malformed borders between India and Pakistan became a curse for the people living in the enclaves between India and Bangladesh. Even though the enclave residents did not leave their homes and hearths, they lost their count ...
  • India-Bangladesh Enclave Exchange: Some Concerns
    Saumitra Mohan   ·    20 Oct, 2015   ·    4925
    The 1974 Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) between India and Bangladesh finally came into force on 01 August 2015. With this, the historical hardship faced by the people who live in 51 Bangladeshi and 111 Indian enclaves, eventually came to a ...